Been there! Done that! Even bought the T-shirt! Things I wish I knew before becoming a parent.

I remember the day when that pregnancy test had those magical two lines like it was yesterday! The joy of becoming a parent! The fear of not being able to measure up as a parent! Day and night, i used to gaze into my husband’s eyes to try and gauge if he also felt like i did! After many discussions in countless expecting-mommy groups and google search on being new parents, I finally felt like I was fully equipped and armed to be the best mother there can be! However, what no one really told me was how ill-equipped I actually was! And boy how ill-equipped I was!

Working night shift

Experience really is the best teacher! No one can actually tell you how much…lemme say how little sleep you can survive on. Like someone once said, being a mother is a science experiment to prove that you actually DO NOT need sleep to survive! Ha!

Possible tensions between mom and dad!

Wait a minute…aren’t new parents supposed to be happy about the new addition to the family? Not really! If you are not careful the lack of sleep and feelings of being overwhelmed can actually cause irritability and tension between the new parents! Who knew!

Did you say COLIC?

Who even knew about that dreaded word called colic before they were parents? You go to the doctor and he tells you your child is colicky but they cannot tell you what is colic, what causes it and how to treat it. All they know is your child SCREAMS at a specific time , for a specific time period, which could be three ungodly hours and all you must do is try and make them feel comfortable! Like seriously doc…are you for real?

Who knew baby poop was a subject to talk about at dinner!

If someone told me that they monitored, let alone, analysed baby poo I’d have cringed with disgust. Now imagine doing that every single hour to watch out for that dreaded baby constipation! Urrghh, wish someone warned me 🙂

The toilet becomes a place for an audience.

It is very thrilling to find out  that your baby is no longer a needy little human who was always eating, pooping and sleeping on one position. However, that comes with a price…tailing! Even to the bathroom!

Surprise! Surprise! You can never sleep in again! Ever!

If you thought sleeping during the last trimester of pregnancy was uncomfortable think again! I’d rather sleep uncomfortably than wake up at weird morning hours because someone is awake!

So if you are an expecting parent, there you have it! Things you will be grateful someone told you.


Published by: FaustinaM

I am a christian, a wife and loving parent to a very amazing boy. Like everyone else, I am on a journey where my faith is constantly tested in my role as a christian, as a wife and as a parent. I'd like to share my faith ups and downs in these different roles and hope to encourage and get encouraged with day to day stories from other wives and parents.

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