To go or not to!

to go or not to goIt has been a while since I have written. Partly because I have been so busy with lots of deadlines and all sorts of things to sort out. But partly because I just got a bit tired to write! Asked myself what impact could I have been making really!!! Then I just thought of the phrase “To go or not to go” and that was it! I was actually thinking of leaving this writing stuff and to “go” and do other things. I just felt like this a battle we always face each and every day in our faith journey…’To continue or to give up’, ‘ To keep on fasting even when it feels like there are no answers or to give up’.

I was reminded of a passage in Joshua 1 where Joshua was also faced with the exact same question ‘To get into Canaan or not’. Joshua had received reports that probably would have forced him ‘not to go’ to Canaan but he did anyway!

There are people who may be struggling in their area of faith and you want to just pack up and go…well choose NOT TO GO!

I AM HERE TO STAY AND BLOG!! AND CHANGE SOMEONE’S LIFE! even if it’s just one person.


Published by: FaustinaM

I am a christian, a wife and loving parent to a very amazing boy. Like everyone else, I am on a journey where my faith is constantly tested in my role as a christian, as a wife and as a parent. I'd like to share my faith ups and downs in these different roles and hope to encourage and get encouraged with day to day stories from other wives and parents.

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