Bold and Daring faith!!! The faith of a daring wife and parent!

When was the last time you made a bold statement of faith?When was the last time you spoke life over your family? Over your marriage? For your husband?

As I pondered on the the last words of  a bold prayer by Sir Francis asking God to disturb him in order for him to venture on wider seas!  In order to be bold! Wow! Mind you, wider seas are prone to storms! Now that is daring, bold , in your face faith!

As wives and parents, there are so many dreams that we have let slip by because “we are busy being mothers.” So many opportunities have passed our marriages and our families because we are far too comfortable sailing too close to the shore. There are areas in our marriages or in our lives that we may have neglected and left for dead maybe because we were actually overwhelmed with our role as mothers.  Today, I challenge you to be daring and bold in your faith journey. Speak life to those youthful dreams you had about life, about your marriage, about your sons and daughters. You might look at that aspect in your life and you feel like you have tried and tried and now have just resigned to “sailing close to the shore”, It may be dealing with an unfaithful husband, an abusive husband, kids who are just overwhelming you that you have actually given up. Or it could just be some lack of intimacy with your husband because you have been busy being a great mother. Or maybe your husband or kids do not know God and you have been trusting and trusting and now you have resigned. Well, it is time for some bold and daring faith! Why settle for less when we are promised more than all we ask or imagine? (Ephesians 3:20) Why decide to go sailing when you know you will miss the adventure that comes with sailing on the wider, blue ocean seas.

Speaking of seas, I am reminded of the bold and daring faith of Peter, taking that first step onto  the open sea waters; that first moment of defying “nature” and actually achieving what is considered to be un achievable! Bold, daring faith attains the unattainable! Bold, daring faith treads on waters where only Jesus treads!

I hope you are encouraged! You can also follow the following link for that extra nudge to be bold in your faith as a woman of God.


Published by: FaustinaM

I am a christian, a wife and loving parent to a very amazing boy. Like everyone else, I am on a journey where my faith is constantly tested in my role as a christian, as a wife and as a parent. I'd like to share my faith ups and downs in these different roles and hope to encourage and get encouraged with day to day stories from other wives and parents.

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