The faith journey:Does God sometimes forget to respond?

Starting a blog has been something that God put in my heart and for a long time I actually thought…..well I never thought I could do it! As a wife and parent to an active toddler, add to that the challenges of working and studying, I’d always wonder why God couldn’t use a more available person.

Today, as I was pondering on lots of my ‘unanswered’ prayers for my family, for my husband, for our future, I began to realise why God needed my story out there!  My whole life has been a faith journey, filled with days when I had  lots of faith and days when there was no faith at all, not even as small as a mustard seed! Today I began to understand that God wanted me to start this journey not because I’m special or I’m filled with lots of faith like Abraham but because sometimes I actually lack faith and sit and wonder: ‘Hey God did you forget that prayer request i sent you 3 years ago?”

Psalm 116 talks about God who “heard my voice”. But how many times have we sat down alone feeling like no one actually heard us at all! After praying and fasting for a loved one and then hearing that the loved one passed away? After praying for a job and then being told to try gain some other time? After years and years of trusting to have a baby and being told by the doctor that you cannot fall pregnant? Does it mean he put your request in the ” to be done later” drawer?

Recently, we lost our dear grandmother and felt like the enemy had defeated us left, right and center after praying for healing. I was left wondering if maybe we did not pray long enough or well enough or not loud enough? Or maybe God had forgotten us? Absolutely not! Well for starters, He knows our prayer requests before we even ask ( Matthew 6:8). And He cares 1 Peter 5:7 and wants to sustain us Psalms 55:20. As a parent I have had moments when my little boy would cry for something. There are times when I said No ! And there a times when I said Yes! Because I know better, I’d never give anything to him that could potentially harm him, or that is not age appropriate, or is just not right for him. But saying No to him would never mean I don’t love him, or I don’t want to give him, or he must yell loudly for me to hear it, or that I don’t care.

God cares for us and in His time, He will make everything beautiful! Be encouraged on your faith journey!


Published by: FaustinaM

I am a christian, a wife and loving parent to a very amazing boy. Like everyone else, I am on a journey where my faith is constantly tested in my role as a christian, as a wife and as a parent. I'd like to share my faith ups and downs in these different roles and hope to encourage and get encouraged with day to day stories from other wives and parents.

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